Storing Children’s Artwork

I have a huge pile of Sophie’s artwork, and I noticed that a lot of it is on larger size paper. Nothing that would fit into a scrapbook by any means. Well, I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to organize and store this stuff. I don’t want to throw much of it away because it’s some of her first artwork. I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and needed to pick up some textured inkjet paper for another project I was working on and there it was–the solution to my problem! I bought one of those large artist’s portfolio books. It’s basically like a huge top loading scrapbook! It even came with black prefitted sheets inside each clear plastic page. So I got her pile of art, my ATG, and a white gel pen and put everything together in there with titles, dates, and a little description of each piece. I am so thrilled with this idea I thought I’d share it with you other peeps in case you have the same situation. The portfolio is plain black, but I plan on dressing it up with some PP and mod podge. (Did I mention that it just happened to be 30% off?!) Here’s a peek:


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